All you need to know about Holi, the festival of colours

After bidding goodbye to the cosy winters, the onset of spring welcomes us with the daylight; the leaves on the trees, long evenings and the inevitably exciting Holi festival, celebrated all over India. This festival of Love, abundant Colors, Delicacies and Joy is celebrated on the full moon day (Purnima) in the month of Phalgun …

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Kailash Temple, Ellora Caves – A marvel of devotion, art, and tradition

Mahadev, Kailashnatha, Rudra, Natraja, Vishwanatha- all refer to the one Hindu deity – Lord Shiva, who is seen as one of the powers in the Trimurtis. He is considered to be the father of the whole universe. People pray to him as the divine, limitless, transcendent, unchanging, formless, and without beginning or end. Worshipping Lord …

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