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The science behind Mahashivratri- facts you didn’t know

Significance of Mahashivratri: Mahashivratri is celebrated in honour of marriage ceremony of Shiv Ji and Mata Parvati. There is another legend saying that Lord Shiva performed the heavenly dance after which Shiva awakened his consciousness at the material level of existence and attained ‘Shoonya’ the state succeeding ‘Samadhi’. Is there any science behind Mahashivratri celebration …

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Salt Rituals- Scientific & Cultural Facts You Must Know

A basic daily necessity for flavoring food, Salt is also surrounded by many myth believes. A well known story related to sacred bonds, exchanging/gifting i.e. giving and taking of salt represented deep eternal friendship bond and respect for each other. This ritual is considered the unbreakable bond which is respected for life. So, whenever anyone …

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Science Behind Lighting A Diya- Scientific & Cultural Facts

A light giving/signifying strength, goodness, hope and brightness all around with lot of holy and mythological significance of a simple Diya/Lamp. A festival of lights Diwali is having many mythological significance and a belief of lighting up oil/ghee lamps/diyas. This festival is connected with mythological incidents. The stories revolving around Lord Ram and Siya; Krishna …

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Busting Common Myths On Menstruation

We live in a world of diversity where there are different communities, religion and people who following different old traditions, rituals and rules, which we call Taboos. One of such taboo is Menstruation Cycle, which has always been surrounded by myths. A mythological incidence which revolves around lord Shiva and Goddess Sati. ‚ÄúThere was a …

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