History, significance and meaning of Yoga from the eyes of Patanjali

There are numerous misconceptions regarding the word ‘Yoga’ and the meaning of Yoga. In the modern world, people have started referring to asanas as Yoga.  However, Yoga is not limited to asanas, and its depth is as wide as the width of the endless horizon. There are 8 stages of Yoga, where each stage of …

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The Mystery of death and what happens after death according to Hinduism

Is death really a mystery, or just extinction? A little boy who sailed to America with his parents, his father held onto high hopes for a bright future. He played and listened to stories when his mother found time from her household chores. He was like any other boy, sweet and full of life. No …

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Karma- Meaning, Science and Relation with Dharma

The Scientific Meaning Of Karma: The whole world is aware of Newton’s famous law of equal and opposite reaction. The amount of pressure exerted by my hand in rest on the table is bound to experience the same force upwards. Here, a balance is maintained by both the hand and the table by exerting an …

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The Significance of Chanting ‘Aum’ – A Mystic Word

The chanting of AUM takes place three times as per the Sanathan philosophy. The purpose is to connect with the cosmos through spiritual awakening. AUM is the divine mantra that gives rise to the metaphysical aspect of our lives. AUM indicates towards the very nature of creation which is to create, preserve and destroy. As …

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Atman Kranti or Human Revolution- Meaning, Background

All of us as individuals are unique in our own way with respect to every aspect one can think of. Whether appearance, personality, voice, mindset, tendencies, weakness, strength or in gist if we indulge in a much deeper level karma. Revolutions across the globe of myriad kinds whether cultural, economic or armed have only one …

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34 Ways To Live Life To The Fullest & Make the Most of It.

To live life to the fullest is the aim of any human being on the earth starting from the ‘Stone Age’ till now we are finding the best ways to make our life worth living. Not only this but to be a person who can raise their voice to make others believe in him/her, to …

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