What is the purpose of having the site?

Vibe Indian is a platform to educate people and make everyone aware of the beauty of Sanatan Dharm. We always hear that Indian culture is associated with science but what science, we don’t know. Therefore, Vibe Indian is an initiative to bridge that gap and present to you the science behind our Rich Indian culture.

Will the information given by Vibe Indian be sufficient to know everything about Indian Culture and Sanatan Dharm?

Vibe Indian gives you a direction and provides the reasons to follow the direction. We never say at any point in time that you would become Gyani after reading on our platform. We only want to entice the curiosity to know us better. Only and only you can dig and know everything.

Is Vibe Indian the only source of authentic information?

Definitely not. There are many other sources like Vedas and Upanishads and other scriptures which will enlighten you more than we can ever do. Vibe Indian is a platform where we present to you the facts and state our reasons hoping to create the eagerness to know more.

How are you different from other platforms?

We do not compare ourselves with anyone. We believe in respecting everyone and by no means diluting anyone’s faith. We just present the facts and give direction. Leading to the path or not, is entirely the reader’s choice.

What are the other platforms I can get in touch with Vibe Indian?

We are active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Quora

Can I also contribute?

Yes, please. We would love to know what you want to contribute. Please write to us to contact@vibeindian.in and tell us about yourself and what contribution you want to make. Our team will get in touch soon.