Explore The Facts On Natural Beauty Of Kerala Backwaters

Kerala is known for its natural splendid beauty, peacefulness and fascinating view. Kerala backwaters are the best destination to visit where one can experience a pleasant view with water and palm trees with a gentle breeze. Alleppey backwaters are the first attraction for the tourist who likely to experience enchanting peace and romantic feels. Currently, Alleppey is named as Alappuzha. These backwaters are a large network of lakes flowing parallel to the Arabian sea coast. They have their own and unique ecosystem. One can see palm trees, shrubs, leafy plants bushes along the side of backwaters. Kerala is ranked as one of the 50 destination of a lifetime by “National Geographic Traveller”.

Alleppey backwaters

As it provides a majestic and surreal view which is surrounded by landscape and water bodies. It is also known as “Venice of the east” for the canals connected to it. The first and vital attraction of the backwaters are the houseboats. Kerala houseboats are also known as Kettuvallams. These are slow-moving boats which give you leisure and wonderful trips in the scenery of tropical surroundings. There are more than 2000 houseboats in kerala. These are classified as platinum, gold, and silver. Earlier these were used as cargos. Which are used by the royals only. They have usually 3 room set which includes a living room, bedroom, and dining room. Fresh food is served on the board every day. They have ferry (small boats) which take visitors on the banks or at the place whenever they want to go.

Alleppey backwaters

Hikers said that the best way to explore backwaters is cruising. The houseboats operate from Pallathuruthy, they keep a check and maintain these boats. These boats take to the location where visitors want to go. From Alappuzha- the famous Kuttanad lake, from Kumarakom- the majestic vembada lake, from Kollam-the renowned ashtamudi lake, from Kasaragod- the enchanting Chandragiri. A soothing view of lush green paddy leaves fields, coconut groves, shady trees, and beautiful small wooden houses are treat to the eyes. Staying in these houseboats will give the feeling of king size life. This will definitely calm the body and soul of the people. The cool breeze, migratory birds and seasonal rain is itself a magnetic experience. The night view is total bliss. The visitors will surely enjoy a lifetime experience that cannot be described in words.

Alleppey backwaters

Kerala is famous for its instinctive and extraordinary beauty. The snake boat race is a tradition of Kerala. This is also known as vallamkali race. It happens during the season of harvest festival onam in autumn. Many races are performed at this time. Around 6-60 lakhs rupees are spent by each team. These races are the main tourist attraction of kerela. People use paddled war canoes and the form of canoes racing. Traditional boats and long paddled boats are used in these races. The chundan vallam (snake boat) is 30-35 meters long with 60-124 paddlers long traditional canoe style boat. Churulan vallam, iruttukuthy vallam, odi vallam, vadakhanody vallam, and Kochi vallam are some of the other boats which took part in the races. Later the winner gets awarded with a special prize and huge pride. These races started 400 years ago which is now a celebration and festivity for them. Kerala comes alive with these races. These boat races are India’s very own “OLYMPICS ON WATER” the purpose of these races was to infuse a sporting spirit of the villagers. From many other boat races, these 4 are main.

Snake boat race Alleppey backwaters

Champakulam boat race

This is the most popular and ancient race in which people celebrated the installation of idol lord Krishna in Shri Krishna temple which is in ambalappuzha. The beautiful attraction of this race is water floats, colorful parasols, and the artists. This race is held in champakkulam on its river in the month of July.

Payippad boat race

In the honor of installation of godhead Subramanya swami temple the race is held. It is the oldest of all the races. It takes place on payippad lake in the month of September. It is a 3 days celebration. It is the most colorful and vibrant festival in kerala. This festival combines natural beauty and culture of kerala. The view of racing snake boats is treat to eyes.

Aranmula boat race

This race is the oldest boat race in kerala in the mouth of august and September. In this, the boats move in pairs on the music of full throat singing and shouting watched by an exciting crowd. The boats in this race are decorated with golden lace and a flag and ornamental umbrellas.

Nehru trophy boat race

It is a prime race among all the boat races in kerala. It is held on punnumada lake on the second Saturday of August every year. It got its name after the visit Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru 1952. He was mesmerized by the majestic boats. The winner got //with the rolling trophy by Jawahar Lal Nehru. The trophy is unique and special because it is a replica of a snake boat in silver placed on the wooden piece engraved with words ‘’to the winner of the boat race which is a unique feature of community life in Travancore-cochin’’.
These races are also known as Champions boat league. Each boat is made with care and respect for the festival. Almost every house contributes in these races.


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